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Green burials are natural burials in which the Body isn’t embalmed and is buried in biodegradable caskets or burial shrouds. The idea behind green burials is that both the Body and the materials used to bury it will return to the earth without the toxins, land consumption, and health issues that come with conventional funerals. Green burials allow for proper disposal of the remains and burial of the Body using ecological practices and waste management methods. Green burials can also use biodegradable materials that don’t break down as quickly as other materials. This makes it easier for these bodies to keep animals and scavengers from contaminating the groundwater. Here are 6 myths about green burials debunked so you can decide if green burials are right for you and your family members.

1. Green Burial Is Illegal

While many states have specific regulations governing green cremations and burials, there are no states where the process is illegal. That said, green burials are significantly less regulated than conventional burial practices.

2. Green Burial Is Not Religious

Green burial may be neither church sanctioned nor endorsed by your religious organization. However, it is still a valid way to practice your religion according to the beliefs dictated in your holy book. In this case, you can use any religious practices that you believe to be appropriate when making decisions about planning the funeral.

3. It Is More Expensive

While many of the costs for green burial are front-loaded and paid for in advance, green burials are generally less expensive than conventional burials. The minimal preparation required makes it easier to deliver at a lower price. Operating a green burial site is also less costly than operating traditional cemeteries and funeral homes.

4. The Remains Can Contaminate the Groundwater

A green burial can be more environmentally friendly than cremation. Untreated, a body will eventually return to the ground. This does not contaminate the groundwater the way that cremated remains do. The buried body parts are fully biodegradable and will break down naturally over time. After a few years, the materials will become part of the soil which is usually sterile and safe to farm.

5. The Body Is Not Treated With Respect in Green Burial

Due to the lack of formaldehyde, which is toxic and carcinogenic, green burials can use more natural processes for embalming and preservation of the Body. This gives families a much better way to honor their loved ones without exposing themselves to unnecessary health risks. Green burials fit into this perfectly as they offer families a way to honor their loved ones and treat the bodies of their family members with respect naturally.

6. Animals Will Be Able to Easily Get to the Body

Many families burying the remains of deceased pets opt for green burials because it is a way to handle the remains without having to transport them in a casket from one place to another. A smell barrier of 18 – 24 inches of loose soil or other natural materials should be placed over the Body, and the grave should be sealed with soil or mulch. This will keep animals from digging up bodies or even smelling them.

Green burials are a respected form of burial that allows a natural end to life, respects the Body, honors the family, and improves the environment. If you want to make green burial arrangements for yourself and your loved ones, please contact us for more information.