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Why Choose Morgan Oaks?

Creating burial and memorial plans can be an overwhelming experience—one that’s layered with not only your own vision and beliefs, but that also takes into account the comfort level of those left behind.

As you move through this deeply personal journey, we at Morgan Oaks want you to know that we’re here every step of the way to help you approach your plan in a thoughtful and significant manner that’s sensitive to everyone involved. We believe peace of mind now is just as important as eternal peace. You can achieve both with the comfort and confidence of knowing that your personal legacy will continue to support life on earth.

At Morgan Oaks, we are deeply committed to the long-term preservation and stewardship of the land, and offer a wide variety of beautiful, park-like settings as burial options. With a green burial, you’ll continue to restore and protect the natural surroundings and ecosystem while creating a unique and meaningful experience. By choosing a green burial, you’ll be creating a living legacy.

What Makes Morgan Oaks Different?

Our founders are experts in the field of habitat conservation—partnered with knowledgeable experts in the green burial movement. We have over 20 years of experience in land conservation, so you can trust us with the long term care of your loved one.​

Why Choose Morgan Oaks


We are dedicated to protecting and restoring
park-like landscapes.

Cost Effective

We are a fraction of the cost compared to other
burial options.

No Pollution

We use urns and practices that are
non-pollutants to the earth.