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We’re Here To Help You

When a death occurs, your primary responsibility is to yourself and the ones you love. There are a number of things that require attention simultaneously. Regardless of the day or hour, Morgan Oaks Eternal Preserve is always prepared to respond to your needs quickly and competently. We’re here to assist you with the necessary details of the funeral process.

Morgan Oaks Offers The Following:

  • Organization of personal records, death certificates, assistance in creating/proofing obituaries and other necessary permits
  • Notifying government agencies
  • Setting up military and organization honors
  • Personalization and creation of unique and memorable events
  • Music, clergy and celebrant arrangements
  • Floral tributes
  • Catering Services
  • Firepit Celebration of Life
  • Carriage Service

Photography and Videography:

Why Choose Morgan Oaks


We are dedicated to protecting and restoring
park-like landscapes.

Cost Effective

We are a fraction of the cost compared to other
burial options.

No Pollution

We use urns and practices that are
non-pollutants to the earth.