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Celebration of life

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Types of Burials offered at Morgan Oaks Green Burial

At Morgan Oaks Eternal Preserve, we offer a respectful array of green burial options in Lincoln, CA. Choose between interment in biodegradable coffins or natural shrouds for full-body burials, or select a peaceful cremation burial, ensuring a dignified return to the earth. Our services extend to pets as well, offering specialized biodegradable options for your beloved animal companions. Discover our commitment to environmental stewardship and honor your loved ones and pets with dignity at Morgan Oaks Green Burial.

  • Cremation Burials
  • Full Body

Biodegradable Vessels

Morgan Oaks Eternal Preserve proudly introduces our eco-friendly burial options, including biodegradable vessels for both humans and pets. Our range extends from sustainable, handcrafted caskets made of materials like bamboo and wicker, to natural cloth shrouds, ensuring a dignified return to the earth. Recognizing our beloved pets as family, we offer specially designed biodegradable options for them as well, affirming our commitment to the environment. Explore our serene and sustainable farewell options

Biodegradable Vessel Pricing

Cremation Burial

Be a part of conserving nature by interring your loved one’s cremated remains at Morgan Oaks.

Eternal Memorial Tree

Plant a memorial tree with your ashes for your family to enjoy for generations to come.

Our Gardens:

Welcome to Sunset Bridge

Experience the breathtaking beauty of nature’s masterpiece at Sunset Bridge. Perched atop a tranquil hill, our interment garden offers unparalleled views of the radiant sunrise & sunset, creating a serene and picturesque setting for reflection and remembrance.

Welcome to Bridge of Peace

Bridge of Peace offers a tranquil interment area with expansive meadowlike views, providing a serene and comforting setting for reflection and remembrance. Surrounded by the gentle beauty of nature, it serves as a peaceful bridge between cherished memories and eternal peace

Welcome to Bridge to Valhalla

Bridge to Valhalla stands as a distinguished internment area reserved for our honored veterans and their families. Nestled amidst serene surroundings, it offers a tranquil sanctuary where the legacy of service and sacrifice is honored with dignity and reverence. As a bridge to eternal rest, it symbolizes the journey to Valhalla, where heroes find everlasting peace

Welcome to Bridge to Eternal Life

Bridge to Eternal Life is a sacred interment area tailored to honor the Jewish faith and tradition. Embraced by a serene setting, it provides a place of solace and reverence for families to honor their loved ones. Symbolizing the journey to everlasting peace, it stands as a bridge between earthly existence and the eternal realm, where memories endure and spirits find eternal rest.

Welcome to Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge serves as a loving interment area dedicated to our cherished pets and companions. With its serene and comforting atmosphere, it offers a place of solace where the bond between humans and their beloved animals is celebrated and remembered. As they cross the Rainbow Bridge, may they find eternal peace and continue to shine brightly in our hearts.