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02 – Notify Friends & Family

You’ll want to notify close friends and relatives, both through personal phone calls as well as your loved one’s death notice. If this process is too painful for you, it’s okay to ask a trusted family member or friend to help you. We, here at Morgan Oaks Eternal Preserve are here to help as well.
This is also the time to review any of your loved one’s preplanned funeral wishes and meet with a funeral director to begin planning their service. If your loved one did not preplan their funeral, you might want to start thinking about a few of the big choices you will need to make, such as:
Location of their final resting place
The type of urn
Any religious services you will need, such as clergy or spiritual leaders
The types of services you want, such as a celebration of life, memorial, etc…

These are meant to be a starting point, and you don’t need to know the answers right away. We are here to help and to make this process easier for you and your family.