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Green burial is a popular alternative to conventional burial that allows your pet to return to the earth naturally after passing. Green burial aims to reduce the use of chemical preservatives that may pollute the burial space.

Green burial may take place on a large natural landscape that is licensed and protected. The body is not preserved with chemicals and may be encased in a biodegradable coffin, and then placed into a grave without an outer vault or container that would prevent soil contact. This allows you to nurture the earth and become a part of a living legacy…ashes to ashes, dust to dust..

Our Offerings:

Body Placement:

Lay your pet to rest in a park-like setting providing for a living legacy

Cremation Burial:

Be a part of conserving nature by interring your pet’s cremated remains at Morgan Oaks.

Services Upon Request:

Graveside Services

Pre-Planning Available

Caskets & Urns Available