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What is Green Burial?​

Green burial is a popular alternative to conventional burial that allows you or your loved one to return to the earth naturally after passing. Green burial aims to reduce the use of chemical preservatives that may pollute the burial space.

Green burial may take place on either private land or in a cemetery that accommodates green burial practices. The body is not preserved with chemicals and may be encased in a biodegradable coffin (often made of untreated softwood) or cloth shroud, and then placed into a grave without an outer vault or container that would prevent soil contact.

What is Conservation Burial?​

At Morgan Oaks we have taken green burial to the next level by selecting and maintaining lands to be restored and preserved as natural habitats. Our properties use restorative, conservation-minded land management techniques, aimed at maintaining a natural landscape preserved in perpetuity. By selecting Morgan Oaks, you and your loved ones will have contributed to protecting these natural areas and providing a meaningful place of remembrance for future generations.

New Life from an Old Concept​

  • Protects and restores permanent habitat for native plants and animals
  • Uses low impact and sustainably harvested materials for burial and rarely requires the need for watering, mowing, or fertilizing
  • Wastes less energy and emits less carbon into the atmosphere
  • Eliminates the need to embalm bodies with chemicals like formaldehyde
  • Prevents toxic chemicals from embalming or casket degradation from contaminating the earth
  • Often costs less than a conventional burial since fewer resources such as embalming fluids, concrete or energy are required
  • Offers real social and ecological benefits such as better protection of funeral workers’ health, reduction of carbon emissions, and reduction of groundwater and soil contamination

Why Choose Morgan Oaks


We are dedicated to protecting and restoring
park-like landscapes.

Cost Effective

We are a fraction of the cost compared to other
burial options.

No Pollution

We use urns and practices that are
non-pollutants to the earth.